The Seal Departs… and the Deer Arrives

Life happens… sometimes when we least expect it. It jumps up, shakes us down, and brings us back up. Sometimes, it picks you up and throws you face first into a muddy pit and then sends everyone over to hassle you while you attempt to get back up (or so it is in my case). […]

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Tarot: The Meaning of Love

For this weeks reading, I have pulled one card from 3 separate decks. Pomona – Plenty The story of Pomona is one of a maiden in love with gardening. She rejected suitors for fear that she would have to abandon her beautiful garden, until one shape-shifted to reveal her inner fears of losing what she […]

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New Blog Tarot Reading

Ah, it has been awhile. Far too many months of silence, but necessary in my path towards graduation, and #adulting. So welcome back to me! I celebrate this new blog, with tons of empty space for me to pour my thoughts into, with a traditional 3 card spread (cause it’s been months). Trying to spice […]

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