The Seal Departs… and the Deer Arrives

Life happens… sometimes when we least expect it. It jumps up, shakes us down, and brings us back up. Sometimes, it picks you up and throws you face first into a muddy pit and then sends everyone over to hassle you while you attempt to get back up (or so it is in my case). […]

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Unsolicited Genital Exposures

I confess that I am a bit of a Craigslist junkie. So you can imagine my surprise tonight, when I come across a personals ad from a man who vandalized my car a month back. Let me back up a minute, and explain, because I’m sure you have some questions. Earlier this year, I received […]

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We’re All Mad Here… (formerly)

Once upon a time, there was a woman, who was prescribed a pill. This pill promised to make her happy, and “numb her” from her troubles, making life tolerable. For a year she took it, numb and unphased to the world around her. Emotionally, she was fine, but physically the little pill forever altered the […]

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The Blue Banner

Bridget Jones, was once a single girl. Now she’s a married woman with a baby, or so the latest installment of the Jones saga revealed to me tonight. 43, is old… or at least considered “socially” old for an unexpected child, but she did it anyway. Then again, Ms. Jones has not led a normal […]

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