The Seal Departs… and the Deer Arrives

Life happens… sometimes when we least expect it. It jumps up, shakes us down, and brings us back up. Sometimes, it picks you up and throws you face first into a muddy pit and then sends everyone over to hassle you while you attempt to get back up (or so it is in my case).

I have not left you my pretties, but at the same time I did not want to burden any of you with my ramblings. I am still here, committed to exploring my journey with all of you.

Some good has come out of this. I’m taking a seminar, and learning more about myself, goals and achieving them. I also… rebranded and relaunched a side project I have been working on for a couple of years. I’ve moved the new blog here, to WordPress and look forward to building it. There’s only one entry so far, this revision of the blog is fresh, and I want it brand spankin new on purpose.

It’s baby steps, but you can watch it grow and participate:

Until then, I have selected a three card spread to examine my current state right now:

  1. What I Need To Take In:

Hind: Subtlety, gracefulness, femininity. A reminder to look beyond the material world, and to look towards the realms of causes verses effects. Oh what a timely reminder. My seminar teaches to rephrase negatives (words are important) and instead of thinking: no one will like this idea, reshape it to something like “there is someone in this world who wants this idea”. Goal setting isn’t hard really, but it is the small causes of choices that try to sneak in and defeat progress. I keep hearing the words meditation, and perhaps I should start doing this before bed each night.

Side note, a hind is apparently a deer, an animal I have recently become fascinated with in the last few years. I actually bought a “fake deer head” at Five and Below and have yet to hang it up. I may need to do this as a visual reminder each day. It is not effect, it is causes as to why we make choices  the way we do.

2. What I Need To Hold Onto:

Crane (reversed): This card upside down is a message to keep balance of time spent alone, and time spent with others. Too much alone time leads to isolation, while too much avoidance of self-alone leads to lack of knowledge of oneself. This is a delicate balance really. But one I know I can balance with goal setting, and simply by “saying no” when I have things to accomplish.

3. What I Need To Let Go Of:

Oh the seal… you have been following me around for a bit now. Now it’s time for me to let you go. The seal is about the song Dan nan Ron, which can upset/frighten people. It is mournful, it is a song from our beginnings and emotionally we fear the emotion will drown us. I think dear seal, that I am moving past fear. Into planning and doing. It was an interesting meeting between you and I oh spirit animal….



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