New Blog Tarot Reading

Ah, it has been awhile. Far too many months of silence, but necessary in my path towards graduation, and #adulting. So welcome back to me! I celebrate this new blog, with tons of empty space for me to pour my thoughts into, with a traditional 3 card spread (cause it’s been months).

Trying to spice it up today, using the Druid Animal Oracle:


Bull: This one is initially puzzling, as the bull represents “fertility, abundance and prosperity”. “True wealth is found in the heart and soul first then in the material world.” If this is a reminder of the past, perhaps the takeaway isn’t literal prosperity (because things haven’t always been that way lately) but perhaps a reminder that spiritually I must attain happiness first, for it to manifest into the material world.


Eagle (Reversed): A reminder to ask myself if my heart and mind are in balance. If the mind cannot access the heart, words can become harsh and critical. “Listen to the unconscious, pay attention to my dreams”. ¬†Reasonable reminder. I am focused on #adulting, but am I also listening to my dreams? My hopes? Perhaps blogging is a step back into those dreams again.

Possible Future:

Seal (Reversed): Each way I turn may involve a possible risk, or a possible loss. But I know that I must make a choice regardless. The seal is a reminder of the longing of the heart. This one I shall have to meditate on, and give some thought to. The card speaks of loneliness (which I assume is in reference to relationships/friendships) but I question if the card is indicating choices in regards to unrealized dreams.


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